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My Favorite New Anecdote

So, I’m at my friend’s house, and it’s time for him to put their rambunctious five-year-old Carter to bed.

The negotiations begin:

Carter asks, “Can I have three bedtime stories?”

“Yes. You can have three bed time stories?”

Carter asks, “Can one of them a comic book?”

“Yes. One of them can be a comic book.”

Carter asks, “Can one of them be a comic book from the Internet?”


See, he knows that daddy can carry his laptop into bed with them, just like a book, and read a story from the screen.

This boy is growing up assuming the fun is on the Internet. He already goes there for fun, games, videos and Google research. (Yes, Google research. He recently went through a phase where he was obsessed with the sinking of the Titanic. No. I don’t understand it either.)

I’m not saying he’s not going to watch TV and go to the movies.

I’m saying he’s already thinking of the computer as a primary source of fun.